Prefab construction is a versatile, efficient, and sustainable approach to building homes.  A paradigm shift away from the traditional site-built approach, prefab offers inherent time, energy and cost savings. Each sagemodern home is created using prefabricated modules in a quality controlled factory environment and then delivered virtually complete to your home site. To learn more about the prefab process go to our process page by clicking


Environmentally conscious design is one way sagemodern seeks to help minimize its impact on the environment. sagemodern uses modern design, materials and construction techniques to create efficient and sustainable homes. 

Our sustainability mission is focused on designing homes that incorporate the efficient use of space and materials to reduce waste. We incorporate innovative systems and design to reduce energy consumption, water use, and improve livability in our homes. 

sagemodern is a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).


sagemodern was founded through the partnership of Paul Warner and Blair Porteous. In 2008, Blair wanted to test the much heralded benefits of prefab construction with a real project. At the time Paul Warner was the President of Michelle Kaufmann Designs and the architect for Blair’s house. The project was very successful in delivering a modern, high quality home, on budget and in a fraction of the normal construction time.

We started sagemodern because we are passionate about simple, elegant modern design and believe that prefab is a more efficient and sustainable approach to building a custom home.

In 2012 Joseph Remick joined sagemodern as a principal.  Having been a principal at Michelle Kaufmann Designs with Paul Warner and Principal Architect at Blu Homes, Joseph Remick brought a wealth of residential prefab experience to sagemodern.