what is the typical home size?

Most of the homes we have designed are between 1,500 and 3,000 sf of living space.  There is no limit on how small or large a prefab home can be, it is all dependant on the needs of the owner.

how high are the ceilings?

The ceiling heights are flexible, but generally the first floor ceilings heights are 10' or less.  sagemodern designs its homes to have an open feel so high ceilings and two story elements are common.

can sagemodern work with an existing home design and convert it to prefab?

Although it is possible, it is very difficult to work backwards through the process.  It will probably be less expensive and faster to start anew.

can you build a two story home?

Yes, we can even design and build 3 to 4 story multi-family structures.

can my home have a basement?

Yes, a basement can be accommodated.

are there any design limitations to a prefab home?

There are not any explicit design limitations to a prefab home. However our homes are designed to take advantage of the benefits of prefab.  For example, the designs created seek to maximize the amount of work completed in the factory and reduce the amount of time required to button-up the home after it has been delivered to the site.  Thus at times this can create a trade-off of time and cost versus particular design choice.

will sagemodern design traditional prefab homes like a craftsman?

No, sagemodern architectural style is rooted in the modern vernacular.