is prefab suitable for my site?

Prefab is quite flexible and can be placed on flat or sloped sites.  The modules are transported on trucks and then craned into place on your foundation so your site needs to be accessible.  sagemodern can make a quick assessment of your site to determine if there are any transportation obstacles.

will sagemodern visit my site?

Yes, we would be happy to meet you at your site to talk about your vision for your prefab home.  This is our first step in working with new clients so that we can get a feel for the site and an understanding of your needs and vision.

does sagemodern build homes everywhere in the United States? How about outside the United States?

The benefit of using prefab is that they can be shipped almost anywhere a truck can travel.  They can also be shipped on a boat if your site is only accessible by water.  Prefab is a perfect solution for remote locations.  However, shipping long distance will add considerable to you costs.  At this time we are only taking on design build projects in California unless it is for multiple units.

is a sagemodern home suitable for different climate zones?

Yes, a sagemodern home is custom designed to your needs and location.  The team at sagemodern has experience building prefab homes in coastal areas, dry climates, wet climates, earthquake zones and in the snow country.