initial site visit

Lets meet!   In order to get a general understanding of the parameters of the project, sagemodern will conduct an initial site visit to review and discuss the basics of building your prefab home.

site feasibility

After the initial site visit, sagemodern will need to gather detailed information about the site in order to define the design parameters.

  • zoning ordinance and local design guidelines – the building framework is directed by local zoning and design guidelines.  sagemodern will review the local ordinances and design guidelines and meet with local officials to confirm and document the administrative design parameters.
  • site topographical survey – a topographical survey will be needed in order to kick-off the formal design process.
  • soils report – a soils report is required before we can begin to design the foundation.
  • transportation and set assessment – sagemodern will coordinate a transportation assessment which will review all transportation routes from the factory to the site.  It will also review state and local transportation regulations.  This information will be used to guide the transportation route as well as the type and size of modules designed.
  • utility assessment – the availability and location of utilities impact design decisions and thus their location is needed before the design phase.


sagemodern will deliver to you a site feasibility and delivery assessment report, which will include all of the above details and their impact on design options.


initial design meeting

Lets meet again!  We will present ideas and images that will trigger the creative process to design your new home. 

design questionnaire – sagemodern has a comprehensive design questionnaire that is used to help guide the initial design meeting.

design principles – the goal of the initial design meeting is for sagemodern to gain a thorough understanding of your ideas, needs, objectives, timeline, and budget.

schematic design

After the initial design meeting, sagemodern will commence the design of your modern prefab home.  The preliminary design will include floor plans, elevations, renderings and 3-d models to help you visualize your new home.

preliminary budget & schedule

Once the schematic design is approved sagemodern will prepare a preliminary construction budget and schedule .

design development

Now that we have an approved schematic design and preliminary budget to guide our decisions, sagemodern will work with you to select the finish details, systems and materials.  Here is a preview of the areas that we still need to design, and types of decisions we will be making:


  •  Detailed kitchen design
  • Appliances
  • Detailed bathroom design
  • Furniture layout
  • Built-in cabinetry & casework
  • Stairs and handrails
  • Decks, trellises and other outdoor structures

Finishes and Materials

  • Tile
  •  Flooring
  • Counter tops
  • Fixtures
  • Baths, showers, toilets
  • Hardware
  • Doors
  • Paint
  • Exterior materials

Building Envelope

  • Windows and skylights
  • Insulation
  • Roofing


  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  • Forced air
  • Radiant floors
  • Whole home ventilation


  • Lighting design
  • Switches, outlets and controls
  • Low Voltage Systems
  • Audio/Video
  • Data
  • Security
  • Smart home systems


  • General plumbing
  • Recirculation systems
  • Gray water
  • Rainwater catchment
  • Water heating

Renewable Energy

  • Solar Thermal (hot water)
  • Solar Photovoltaic (electricity)
  • Geothermal (Heating
  • Energy Modeling and Monitoring


engineering plans – once your materials and systems have been selected, sagemodern will develop the architectural plans and documentation, and will engage the civil, structural and mechanical engineers to translate the floorplans and renderings into buildable designs.  Additionally sagemodern will coordinate with the landscape architect to ensure the built environment blends with the natural environment.


architectural review - if your local jurisdiction has an architectural review process, sagemodern will provide the necessary architectural plans, material boards, mock-ups  and renderings to obtain approval.

architectural plans – sagemodern will prepare two complete sets of construction drawings to be submitted to the state and local permitting agencies.  We will work directly with each agency to secure your building permit.


factory – While state and local agencies are reviewing the plans, sagemodern prepares a detailed scope of work and construction drawings for its factory partners to provide firm bids for the construction of your home.

site work  - sagemodern will work with you in the evaluation and selection of a local general contractor to perform the site specific work.  We will provide the general contractor with the site specific plans and a detailed scope of work in order to get competitive bids.

financing – If you plan to finance your new home sagemodern will assist you in sourcing financial institutions familiar with prefab construction financing.  Since the prefab solution is inherently faster than site-built construction an accelerated draw schedule is needed.  sagemodern has a great working relationship with several national and local banks who are familiar with prefab construction lending.


site work and foundation – the benefits of prefab construction are seen immediately as the site work commences while your home is framed in the factory.  sagemodern will conduct regular site visits to coordinate progress of the site work with the factory to ensure all elements are built as designed.

factory – the creative vision mapped will be translated into your beautiful home.  12 to 16 weeks after construction starts your home will be ready to be delivered.  When your home is ready for delivery it is 90% complete and will include exterior siding, flooring, tile, fixtures and even appliances. sagemodern will monitor construction and quality control of your home while it is being fabricated in the factory and you will receive weekly status reports documenting the progress.


transportation – the transportation of your home is an impressive sight and at times hard to imagine!  sagemodern works with its transportation partners to secure the necessary permits, insurance, escorts and traffic management to complete the safe delivery of your home.

set – the set day is one that will bring out neighbors you have never even met.  The sight of seeing a 240-ton crane lift a 40,000 pound home hundreds of feet in the air and then delicately and precisely place it on your foundation is, in one word, amazing!  sagemodern will coordinate the set day activities and manage the transportation, crane and set crews.  We will also bring a bottle of bubbly to christen your new home.


systems - now that your home as been firmly secured to the foundation, the stitch crew begins its work to connect all the systems together.  You should have running water, electricity and appliances working within a week.

Interior – there will be a few finishing touches needed on the interior to complete your home and most of this work can be completed in the first few weeks after your home has arrived.

Exterior – while most of the exterior has been completed in the factory there will be a few areas where the modules have been joined together that need final exterior siding.  Further, depending on the design there may be some additional exterior finish details such as trellis work, architectural details and decks that are required after your home has been set.