where are the homes constructed?

We have partnerships with several factories located in the Western United States.

how are the homes constructed?

The homes are constructed to comply with all local and state building regulations.  The homes are inspected in the factories and then again on site to ensure the homes comply with all building standards.  The homes are built in a modern factory using precision tools and highly skilled trades people.  The construction of the homes in the factory is similar to a site built home except it can take advantage of the benefits of a controlled, highly mechanized and flexible environment.

how are the modules transported to my site?

Homes are transported to your site via trucks that usually have big yellow signs on them that say “Wide Load”.

can we tour the factory?

Yes, the factories that we partner with are more than willing to show you how the homes are constructed.  It is very cool to see how fast a home can be built inside an efficient modern factory.

do I need to hire a local contractor?

sagemodern is a general contractor and all the projects we take on we act as the architect and the builder.  Thus at this time we are only taking on projects in California.

how are utilities connected once my home arrives?

The local general contractor will be responsible for connecting the utilities to the home. This usually is completed within the first few days after the home has been set.