what types of materials are used? Are they the same as conventional construction?

Prefab homes are generally constructed with the same materials as site built homes.  However, prefab homes are designed and built to be transported and maneuvered with a crane and thus have stronger and stiffer frames.  Since the delivered home will have all the windows, doors, flooring, tile, cabinets and appliances already in place, it is imperative that the frame is solid.

what levels of finishes are standard?

sagemodern is an entirely custom home design company and we select from a wide range of finishes.  We have a finish catalogue that we use as a resource guide to facilitate the decision making process on materials, finishes and systems .

how do I select the finishes that I want?

The sagemodern “Materials, Systems and Finishes Catalogue” is the initial source for determining finishes.  However, we can also help you in identifying and selecting unique materials for your home.

can I personally select all my finishes?

Yes, but we will warn you from the beginning, that selecting finishes is a full time commitment.  If you plan to select your finishes it is helpful for us to work with you to make sure that our factory can readily source the material in advance of construction because of the quick construction cycle.  Unlike a site built home that takes over a year to build and thus provides lead time on sourcing finishes, we need to have all materials and finishes selected before construction begins.

does sagemodern partner with any product manufacturers?

We do not partner with any product manufacturers; however we are able to obtain wholesale pricing from several manufacturers.  Further, our factory partners have preferred supplier networks that also reduced material costs.

are appliances included?

Yes, all your appliances will be specified, ordered and installed before your home is shipped.  Your appliances will be connected within days after the home is set and you could be hosting a gourmet dinner from your new kitchen in just a matter of weeks!

can I supply my own cabinets?

If you have a particular cabinet manufacturer that you would like to work with, we can work with them on your new home.  Again, the caveat with working with a third party cabinet maker is schedule.  If you want the latest European cabinets in your new home, we will need to design and order them before construction begins so that they are ready in time.