how much will a sagemodern home cost?

The most asked question in the business.  Cost is very specific to site and design so it is hard to make a general statement.  However, if you had a flat lot with good soil and wanted to build a modern prefab home with quality specifications then your hard construction costs would be approximately $350-600/sf in California and soft costs around $50-$75/sf.

what is included the price of a home?

Everything is included, except for fees and taxes to be paid to your local jurisdiction for obtaining planning and building approval.

what is the typical aRCHITECTURAL and DESIGN FEES for a custom home?

Design costs are somewhere between 8-12% of the hard construction costs.

how much does it cost to ship the home?

It depends in part on where you are located and your distance from the factory.  Generally it is about $8,000-9,000 per module.

what is the cost for an initial assessment of whether prefab is an ideal solution for my site?

sagemodern will conduct an initial assessment of your site for free.  The initial assessment report will provide a brief description of the suitability of your site for prefab based on available data and observations.

how much does it cost to set the modules onto their foundation?

As with many of the cost questions, it depends.  But in order to give you some guidance it is approximately $1,500-$2,500 per module.

how do your prices compare to other modern prefab designers?

sagemodern is focused on designing custom prefab homes and thus our prices will be slightly higher than other prefab designers that already have existing models.  However, what we offer is the complete end-to-end service from design through to construction complete.

are prefab homes less expensive than traditional site built homes?

Prefab home costs are generally less expensive because of the efficiencies in time, construction, and labor.