is prefab more environmentally friendly than site built homes?

In general, yes. This is not to say that a site built home cannot be extremely environmentally friendly, but the prefab process is inherently more environmentally friendly.

  • Homes are built in a factory controlled environment which reduces the amount of material waste and damage from the elements.
  • The impact to the site is significantly reduced because most of the construction activity is completed in the factory and thus the site has construction activity for only a few weeks and not months.
  • The factory is designed to reuse and recycle material.

are the materials and finishes used by sagemodern “Green”?

Definitely Yes! We are cognitive of the impact of home building on the environment and we work with our clients to select products that have been certified by their respective trade organizations for reducing their environmental impact. 

does sagemodern participate in any green rating systems such as Build-it-Green, LEED-H, Energy Star, or National Green Building Certification?

sagemodern is very familiar with all the different rating systems. The construction industry is a huge contributor to waste and energy consumption and our decision to design and build prefab homes is based on our opinion that prefab is a more efficient, less wasteful, more environmentally friendly solution to building homes. Since our focus is on custom homes the decision to pursue third party certification is the decision of the client. However, we use proven systems, strategies, and materials to ensure that every house designed and built by sagemodern is highly efficient, green and healthy. Our focus follows the long-time adage, “reduce, reuse, recycle”.